Empowering IT and Engineering Solutions

Skills Assessment

Equity Personnel

is an IT Consulting firm that has differentiated our Staff Augmentation services to achieve placement rates that are 300% higher than other Employment Firms across the United States. We have been able to achieve this by:

  • Only hiring internal personnel and management that has a technical background in IT so that you are not speaking to a generalist recruiter
  • Equity Personnel will speak to you to determine your functional and technical competencies so that when you interview with our client(s) there will be no surprises
  • We will also discuss your ideal career objectives and how we can complement them
  • We will tell you what small, medium and large companies are paying individuals with your background and explain what skills client need
  • Equity Personnel speaks to our clients on a technical level first and then we understand the project scope, deliverables and timelines so that you know what to expect