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Meet Our Clients

Equity Personnel

is an IT Consulting Firm that works with Fortune 500 clients and small businesses across 15 states throughout the United States. Equity Personnel takes pride in providing clients with IT Solutions throughout the Project Lifecycle and also Staff Augmentation Services.

Types of Opportunities we provide:

Full Time:

Equity Personnel’s clients often feel that if they hire a person from us on a full time basis that the individual will be a long term asset because the individual has undergone a technical, functional and behavioral assessment. This is why Equity Personnel’s clients will ask us for a direct full time employee instead of deciding to hire a person on a Contract to Hire Basis.


Equity Personnel’s clients often have a need for personnel to assist in the design, development, initiation, testing, and maintenance phases of a project. This is where it gives you the opportunity to expand your career by working with a client in a different industry and/or environment. Compensation is always more than just accepting a Straight Full Time job.

Contract to Hire:

Equity Personnel’s clients are often in a position by which they are not ready to hire a person immediately on a full time basis because they have deadlines and the project scope requires a person to start immediately. This is where we will help you understand in detail the project timeline and associated deliverables and probability of being hired. Equity Personnel sees this as a great opportunity for individuals to assess the client. Equity Personnel’s IT Assessment has been proven to provide contractors an opportunity to apply for multiple Full Time jobs at our client site.