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Applicant Career Lab

Equity Personnel

differentiates our hiring services to applicants by invoking a lab approach for applicants that complement their short term and long term goals.
Equity Personnel takes pride in only working with clients that respect our employees. Equity Personnel understands the technical, functional and behavioral environment of our clients which makes it easier for Equity Personnel’s HR department find the right candidate.

In our Applicant Career Lab:

  • Our HR team will listen and understand your career objectives and analyze these objectives to help you understand the probability of meeting them.
  • Our HR team will explain the direction the career market place is transitioning to and what changes are occurring so that you know if you are taking the right career decisions.
  • Our HR team’s Lab approach will also quantify the chances of you obtain an interview based upon our previous experiences with the client.
  • Our HR team will never insult your compensation expectations but help you understand why you deserve more for specific clients.

If you are presently looking for a job because you feel that you are not being properly being utilized at your current employer, then you should email the Applicant Career Lab.

Please send an email with your resume to careers@equitypersonnel.com