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Ethical ToolBox

Our Customers:

Our customers are the reason for our existence. We listen to the customers, their needs, goals and short-term crisis and respond as their team member—as if we are a division of their company. The objective is to earn and establish a trust so that we are called for and participate in developing the strategies of the organization.

Our People:

Our associates should have a challenging career with opportunities for growth, competitive reward and respect and understanding for their personal home life. We must act with the utmost integrity and be guided by what is ethical and right for everyone involved. We are professionals who compete vigorously and fairly. We exploit the opportunity and not the relationship. We want to build a core team of talent and allow them to grow within the Equity Personnel organization.


It is our desire to conduct business in a professional, ethical, legal manner with civic responsibility, with total commitment to provide higher than average rate-of-return to the stockholders and to provide for healthy growth and stability for our people, customers and community.

To Our Business Associates:

Helping our business associates succeed and grow is a must if we are to maintain our success and growth.

To Our Community:

We will be respected, responsible, participating and contributing members of the community!