Empowering IT and Engineering Solutions

Corporate Governance

Equity Personnel

does understand that IT Staffing and Software Development is a commonplace business.

It is our values and the way we conduct business that will give us the competitive edge and bring real value for the customer.

Our mission has evolved from the values we hold for ourselves as a company and individually, for our people, for business associates, for shareholders and for the community where we live and operate.

Our core strength is a determination to being of value to others by providing quality, value and service to all we touch—all alike, with a win-win outcome.

Our ideas of relationship are based on lessons learned as employee, employer, customer, business associate and community member.

Equity Personnel abides by all EEOC Guidelines and our best practices are centered around providing a level of Service Excellence, Product Excellence and a level of Customer Interaction that mirrors CMMI Methodologies.