Empowering IT and Engineering Solutions

Client Lab

Equity Personnel

differentiates its procurement services for clients by invoking a lab approach for Staff Augmentation and IT Solutions Services.
All Equity Personnel Clients have appreciated our “Client Lab” because it’s foundation for success is a pure technical approach that complements our clients qualitative approach.

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The Client Lab addresses:

  • Requirements that help refine your concept into a realistic possibility
  • • Minimizing associated costs to Client Staff Augmentation Best Practices
  • • Analyzing Client Turnover for “HOT” skills sets
  • • Analyzing Cost Benefits for Contract to Hire and Full Time Hires
  • • Analyzing ROI for Vendor Staff Augmentation versus Outsourcing IT Projects
  • • Giving clients a perspective of what is happening in the local nationwide market.

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Equity Personnel can meet you in person for a brief 30 minute discussion or even a short 15 minute phone discussion to determine how we can help you. Please call 724-933-1300 or email hr@equitypersonnel.com